Inspired by our people

For A Better World, Knauf Insulation Italy

Colleagues from around the world gathered online and in person where possible to see how they could make a difference when we launched our new sustainability strategy For A Better World.
Reflecting our values of the mood was upbeat, the energy high and the commitments inspiring.

For A Better World, campaign launch, Knauf Insulation

Vincent Briard and Siân Hughes, leading a workshop, collect a wall full of exciting sustainability ideas

"Sustainability, like many aspects of life, is not a destination. It is an ongoing commitment to leave the world better than we found it. We need plans, goals, and metrics to help focus our collective efforts, but ultimately we need the commitment from each of us to get a little better every day. This ‘infinite mindset’ gives us the opportunity to find fulfillment within our work and draws on our core value of menschlichkeit.

“I am proud to work for a company that is committed to a long-term view. Even thinking about goals we would like to achieve 30 years from now takes leadership and courage. The leaders making those commitments may have to make short-term sacrifices in their time to lay the groundwork for the organisation to be more successful in the future. Fortunately, at Knauf, we have generations of success to draw on for inspiration."

Brett Welch, Director of Sustainability and Academy, North America

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Image from banner: Looking ahead to new sustainable challenges: our Knauf Insulation Italy team



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