Rock Mineral Wool - HORTISCAPE RINGS



Hortiscape Rings are durable and environmentally friendly growing media, which hold water for a long time, and are suitable for multi-year use. The sizes of Hortiscape HTC Rings can be adjusted to the size of the plugs. The growing medium enables optimal growing conditions and has superior water-storage capacities and release capabilities, making water and nutrients easily accessible to plants.
Thanks to the characteristics of the growing medium (perfect water:air ratio), roots can grow and penetrate easily and quickly, which provides an excellent basis for strong plant growth. HTC Rings enable plants to stand firmly in the pot by fixing the plug and consequently make it easy to harvest without the plant being pulled out. The hole in the disc can be adjusted to the size of the plugs as well as to the size of the pot.


Hortiscape Rings are specially designed for the hydroponic cultivation of flowers in pots.


  • Excellent water absorption
  • Perfect water and air ratio
  • Innovative horticulture solution
  • Improved root growth