Rock Mineral Wool - RSB BOARD GVB/GVN/GW



Insulation boards for sound barrier systems

Knauf Insulation RSB BOARD (RSB B) is a board made of rock mineral wool. Due to its acoustic properties it is used as a core element in sound barriers. It provides sound absorption and insulation against noise produced by traffic or industry. Unfaced RSB Board (RSB B) is designed for sound barrier systems where protection against airflow is added separately.

Additionally, boards can be faced with black glass fleece or black glass tissue.  

Black glass fleece facing (RSB B GVB) protects rock mineral wool boards from degradation caused by airflow. Fleece with a neutral colour facing is also available on request (RSB B GVN).

Black glass tissue facing (RSB B GW) protects mineral wool boards from degradation caused by extreme outside influences such as airflow, stones, high-pressure water cleaning and snow removal. It is especially appropriate for sound barriers with bigger surface openings.

The dimensions of each board are customized according to the dimensions of each sound barrier system. 


Insulation boards for sound barrier systems


  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Superb noise insulation
  • Mechanical stability throughout the product’s lifetime
  • Hydrophobic properties help resist weathering
  • Our production technology enables custommade sizes and dimensions
  • Requested airflow streaming resistance (RSB B GVB / RSB B GW)