Rock Mineral Wool - CHM C V-Grooved Board

CHM C V-Grooved Board


Insulation boards for ceramic chimney systems and fireplaces

CHM C V-Grooved boards (CHM CVGB) are boards made of rock mineral wool, used largely for thermal and fire protection of ceramic chimneys owing to their particular properties, primarily excellent fire protection. Boards can be faced with white or black glass fleece.

The dimensions of each board are customised according to the ceramic tube's diameter, whereas the V-grooved profile of the board allows perfect bending around the tube. Perfect fit of insulation to the ceramic tube is an important element in achieving better energy efficiency of the entire chimney system.

The product can be delivered also a regular board (without V-grooved profile), so it can be used for different types of converting (CHM CB).


Thermal, fire and sound insulation of ceramic chimney systems and fireplaces.


  • Preservation at high temperatures
  • Excelent form stability
  • V-grooved slabs
  • Dimension tolerance area according to customer specification
  • High thermal insulation properties
  • On-fleece branding possibility according to request
  • Acquired certificates: EN 13063-1
  • Acquired national technical approval (Zulassung Nr. Z-7.4-1746)