Rock Mineral Wool - DRS Sandwich Fire Board

DRS Sandwich Fire Board


Boards for fire-screen doors with ultimate fire protection properties

DRS SFB is a board which may also be called a "sandwich element" or bonded panel, depending on its composition. It is composed of a fire-resistant board made of rock mineral wool fibres and plaster board. The bonded joint is made with an inorganic adhesive, which offers additional fire protection. This method of production makes it possible to produce DRS SFB elements with different layers, dimensions and combination of different materials. Customised products can be produced within +/-1 mm tolerances.


Sandwich fire boards are particularly convenient as cores for fire-screen doors, where fire protection requirement standards are high: Fire Protection Class EI60, Fire Protection Class EI90 and Fire Protection Class EI120.


  • Ultimate level of fire protection
  • Preservation at high temperatures
  • Material melting point above 1.000 °C
  • Non-combustibility
  • Thermal and sound insulation properties
  • AS Quality