ECOSE® Technology

ECOSE® Technology

Interesting information about our ECOSE® Technology.

1. Mineral Wool with ECOSE® Technology

As the first mineral wool manufacturer in technical insulation, we offer our entire product range with our natural binder ECOSE® Technology.

The excellent technical and fire performance characteristics of the naturally brown-coloured insulation materials remain at a constantly high level. On top, the new product range grants benefits in handling and sustainability compared to mineral wool with standard phenol-formaldehyde binders.

2. What is ECOSE® Technology?

ECOSE® Technology is the result of five years of intense research and extensive testing.

It is the result of our efforts to supply innovative products to our customers, which satisfy market demands and the requirement for sustainable materials.

In contrast to conventional phenol-formaldehyde resin binding agents, ECOSE® Technology is primarily based on natural organic raw materials.


3. Manufacture

No formaldehydes are added during production, meaning that the binding agent consists primarily of raw materials occurring in nature. Products that are manufactured with ECOSE® Technology do not contain phenols, colouring agents or artificial dyes.

Natural brown instead of yellow – this is the appearance of the natural Glass Wool insulation materials with the formaldehyde-free binding agent, whose characteristic colour is not achieved with dyes, but rather is completely natural.


4. Performance

Renewable raw materials in the binding agents have replaced almost all fossil fuel-based materials. This results in energy savings and the reduction of power consumption as well as CO2 emissions. What is more, products with the formaldehyde-free binding agent have a high insulating efficiency for thermal comfort and are also non-combustible for personal safety.

Mineral Wool insulation materials with ECOSE® Technology therefore meet all relevant standards and also provide for excellent indoor air quality.