fire protection
Improved buildings and applications, improved fire safety

As the built environment changes, new products and materials are installed and new innovative procedures showcased. Particularly in light of the new energy saving regulations, it is critical that the decisions taken to improve buildings do not compromise their fire resistance.

Sound solutions to improve acoustic health

One in five people in Europe are impacted by noise levels that are a major health threat, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). And the situation is getting worse. As the urban density of cities increases, noise pollution is becoming more intense, resulting in a huge negative impact on productivity, performance and social behaviour.

Sound protection
Sustainable will be the new normal

Sustainability at Knauf Insulation is as much about helping our customers meet today’s challenges as it is about our own performance.

Making industry efficient and productive
Energy efficiency

Today’s buildings use about 40% of energy. The industrial sector accounts for about 30% of the total global energy consumption. Much of it is wasted. There are enormous gains to be made in improving the energy efficiency of our built environment through renovation. And insulation is the best place to start.

Forward-looking action with natural resources
ECOSE® Technology

It is our responsibility to protect and preserve nature and the environment. That is why we use natural materials almost exclusively as the basis for our Mineral Wool products. As the first mineral wool manufacturer in technical insulation, we offer our entire product range with our natural binder ECOSE® Technology.