We can supply you with custom-designed products from insulated and composite materials and offer you a variety of cutting technology:

  • vertical band saws
  • horizontal band saws
  • custom-designed band saws
  • CNC wire cutting machine
  • CNC water cutting machine (clean water cut)


Grinding equipment allows us to offer you products in widths up to 1300 mm. Grinding is carried out using grinding belts. This enables very specific customer requirements in terms of narrow tolerances.


Products produced with V-grooving equipment are mainly used for thermal, fire and sound protection of ceramic chimneys. The V-grooved profile of the board allows perfect bending around round or square tubes.


Our equipment for profiling enables us to produce all the various forms of edges up to a maximum product width of 1600 mm.

Facing / gluing

For products with additional facing materials we can offer bonding with both organic as well as inorganic adhesives.

Punching / water jet

Our water cutting equipment allows high flexibility, especially the quick production of samples, because no tools are necessary for making these. We also offer pneumatic punching equipment.


We are available for the various types of packages such as:

  • packing in PE foil
  • packing in cardboard boxes
  • packing in various bags
  • etc.


Our highly trained staff can carry out a variety of demanding operations according to your specifications.

Other operations not done on main lines

In order to meet your needs we can also offer other technical solutions.