Our values

We are unique

"I am Knauf" says everything about what we wish to achieve together as a company, regardless of whether large or small objectives.

Knauf is not just a company. Knauf is the total of more than 26,000 personalities.

Knauf is the binding that makes us a team. Together, we are pleased when we have completed our tasks and been successful. Together, we are creating a new future. The special thing is that Knauf is concerned with people.

We are at the centre of this and define the culture which is based on four core values: Menschlichkeit, partnership, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit Every day. Throughout the world.

Company history

For us, humanity means:

Socially responsible actions

Knauf - A large family

Appreciate differences and include all colleagues in the company community without exception

Fair and respectful co-operation


For us, partnership means:

Making your own decisions and being responsible for them - at every level

Being open to new ideas

Being trustworthy and loyal and trusting each other

Being a team


For us, commitment means:

Aiming for peak performances

Promoting employee development

Achieving goals with commitment

Dedication and responsibility as guarantees for success

Why us?

For us, entrepreneurship means

Thinking outside the box and acting accordingly

Recognising and utilising opportunities

Acting pragmatically and taking calculated risks

Taking the initiative