In order to provide the best and most efficient solutions for both complex and standard insulation requirements, we have decided to prioritize the converting possibilities offered by different insulation materials.

We do our best to offer products and service levels tailored to meet the most demanding customer requirements in the production of small series or project-specific applications in order to optimize the performance of their applications.

Knauf insulation plants

A separate converting production unit drives its own innovative development and supplies customers with intelligent insulation solutions in the production of small series or project-specific applications that go beyond standardized products. The Knauf Insulation Customised Solutions converting unit is located in Ajdovščina (Slovenia), about 100 km from the Škofja Loka Production plant.


Our second converting unit in Most (Czech Republic) has been set up to be placed closer to Central & Northern European markets. It is located close to two sourcing plants: about 40 km from the Krupka and 120 km from the St. Egidien plant. It offers the production of small series or project-specific applications.


At the end of 2017, we were searching for solutions and options that would improve the quality control of our products. We have decided to set up an air-conditioned control laboratory complete with a measuring table. At the time of production, each product needs to be weighted and verified in order to meet customer requirements. By obtaining a measuring table, all measurements are now performed in one go: product length, width, thickness and mass. Based on these measurement, the product density is then calculated. Immediately after completion, all measurements are stored in the database and are properly archived and readily available.